Welcome to Support Portal of CodeWooGeek

  • We usually reply back within 1 business day. To get started please login/signup with your email id or enter create ticket link will automatically create a login after specify the details about support ticket.

  • Please specify in detail about pre sale/post sale questions.  

  • Specify presale/postsale in Subject. For example: Presale: Plugin Name - Subject/ Postsale: Plugin Name - Subject.

  • Please specify the purchase code in description page if it is postsale

  • We need the version of WordPress, WooCommerce, and our Plugin installed in your side.

  • If it is a Compatibility issue please specify the plugin along with latest version as an attachment.

  • You can add attachment with your support ticket.

  • You can also reply back to us from email directly which will update in support portal as well. 

Item Support Includes:

  • To answer your questions related to our plugin or any compatibility

  • We happy to take up any feature request if it is straight forward

  • Assist with reported bugs and issues

  • Personalized Customization Work within our plugin

  • Third party plugin Compatibility

We Appreciate your Ideas:

We always appreciate your ideas with respect to UI Improvement/Feature Requests/New Plugin Ideas. Feel free to contact us with detailed requirement we will create it as a new plugin.


Q: What is Presale and Postsale?

A: If you are plan to purchase, want to clarify some doubts/features which is called presale. If you purchase already have some problem with configuration/features is called postsale. 

Q: Why you need purchase code? A: We want to verify your purchase before start your support request and it is mandatory to proceed further

Q: Where is my purchase code? 

A: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202822600-Where-Is-My-Purchase-Code-