WooCommerce Hide Products by User Roles is the Top Visibility Plugin for WooCommerce and it gives flexibility to admin for to decide which products or categories will be show or hide in a site wide for each user role. User Friendly Settings, Optimized Product and Category Search, Global Configuration to setup show/hide for all user roles and many more. It has WPML Support and hence need not worry about the rest translated products to select. 


Installation can be done in two ways 

  1. Admin Dashboard
  2. FTP

But before that Install/Update Latest Version of WordPress and WooCommerce

For Admin Dashboard

  • Download the plugin from CodeCanyon
  • Log in to your WordPress administrator zone
  • Go to Plugins --> Add New --> Upload
  • Upload file that you dow
  • Activate the uploaded plugin

In case FTP upload is required:

  • Download the plugin from CodeCanyon
  • Unzip the file and copy the folder
  • Upload this folder to wp-content/plugins via your FTP Client
  • In administrator zone, go to Plugins and activate this plugin


  1. Hide/Show Products or Categories based on each User Role
  2. It support Custom User Role – (Creating a custom role is not from our plugin)
  3. It has three types of hide selection which has by Products, by Categories, by both Products and Categories
  4. It hide products from Categories, shortcode, menu, widget etc
  5. It support all standard theme which support WooCommerce, some of them which we need to add such support (If any feel free to get back we will add compatible as much as possible) Compatible with Ajax Search Plugin from Yith 
  6. Any Customization/Compatibility can be done immediately as long it not impact the original functionality.
  7. Multiple User Roles Support
  8. Global Visibility Settings for All Users including guests
  9. WPML Compatible
  10. Option to consider child categories of selected parent categories.
  11. Optimized code and functionality
  12. Enhanced Demo to see the plugin functionality in action.
  13. No Slowness Issue


We have Three Section as follows

1. Visibility by User Roles

2. Global Visibility

3. Advanced

Visibility by User Roles

In this Section you can find the options like Multiple User Roles Support and Each User Role Settings, We discuss each settings individually, by default Multiple User Roles Support is disabled detailed information is provided below.

Each User Role Settings

All User Roles are listed as separate accordion UI where Custom User Roles are also taken into account. For Non-Members we consider it as Guest User Role. For all User Roles Settings described below is same.

Show/Hide By: It has 3 set of options which is Products, Categories, or Both Products and Categories

If it is by Products then - All Products/Selected Products

If it is all products then all products in your site will be show/hide based on your preference/selection, but if it is selected products then only selected products will be show/hide (subject to visibility selection).

If it is by Categories then -  All Categories/Selected Categories

If it is all categories then all categories/selected categories will be show/hide based on visibility selection, with this option doesn't cover child categories associated with selected category and however we have one more option where you can select like Consider Child Categories which will be consider child categories as well.

If it is by Both then - All Products/Selected Products and All Categories or Selected Categories is applicable with conjunction  with each other. 

If it is all Products in both selection - Category/Selected Category selection will be hide which means all products itself contain category products and hence it is not valid.

But if selected products with all categories or selected products with selected categories are valid and hence that can be configured using the both selection.

Multiple User Role Support

This option is helpful when your site users has more than one role in your site. Let say  User A has Default User Role Customer and then admin goes to user dashboard and add more roles like shop manager/administrator role, when our plugin is active we take first matched role is the priority in the above case customer is the priority and we manage visibility based on that role, so when Multiple User Roles Support  is enabled then it role selection for the corresponding users depends on role priority which by default it is 10. 

Once you enabled that option Role Priority will be shown  in each Role Settings where lower the number higher the priority. 

Use Case: 

User A -> Multiple User Role like Customer and Shop Manager

Role Priority under settings like for customer it is 10 but for shop manager it is 1 then we consider shop manager for the corresponding user and hence shop manager settings taken into account. 

This Multiple User Role Support Settings not applicable with Guest Role

Global Visibility Settings

This options allow admin to set visibility for all users including guests in one place. But please note this settings is applicable only when each role settings inactive in visibility by user roles.  If each role settings is active then global settings won't applicable for that role.


Advanced Settings

Search Engine Visibility and Remove Category Product Counts are available in Advanced Section

Allow Search Engine Bot to index products visibility by default it was disallow means hide products won't visible in search engine.


Hide/Remove Category Products Count - Due to the performance issue recount the products associated with category after hiding the product is not feasible and hence remove that count by default as an option.


Need of Assistance?

Above explanation won't help? Need assistance for you to setup the plugin? don't worry we happy to listen your feature thoughts, questions, problems and so on. Why don't you get back immediately by opening a support ticket with your detailed queries? Link to open a support ticket here 

But we prefer to read this before creating a support ticket.